Is Super 88, a favorite local Asian market chain, on the way out? Several hounds reported seeing little inventory on the shelves at various branches, employees pulling out fixtures, and even bags from a rival supermarket chain being used to pack purchases instead of Super 88 ones. Three of the chain’s six Boston-area stores have already closed; are the rest soon to follow?

With Super 88 on the downslide, hounds are pinning their hopes on the arrival of Korean supermarket chain H Mart, which is reported to be opening a Burlington store in 2009. “I can’t wait for H Mart,” says noodlely. “We went to one while on vacation it was clean and catered to the Asian-American crowd (I hate doing two separate shopping trips one for Asian goods, one for American food). The bakery (complete with Beard Papa knockoffs), the prepared meats, prepared foods and the food court would definitely make my life living on the north shore much easier!”

Super 88 Market Brighton [Allston]
1 Brighton Avenue (at Malvern Street), Allston

Super 88 Market [South Bay]
101 Allstate Road (at Massachussetts Avenue), Boston

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