The most bastardized dish you can find in all of the San Gabriel Valley is probably Singapore-style fried rice noodles, declares ipsedixit. The dish is a Singaporean imitation of Taiwanese fried rice noodles, but the Singaporeans add an odd twist: ketchup and chile sauce for the flavoring.

But in the transition from Singapore to the San Gabriel Valley, there’s been a second transformation. Here, it’s done with curry—not real Indian curry powder, but the packaged Asian supermarket stuff.

Best in show and flavor in the San Gabriel Valley, says ipsedixit, is Harbour Kitchen’s version. The noodles are cooked just right—tender, and not chewy. Vegetables are crunchy. The whole dish is not greasy at all; the meats are well-seasoned, and there’s a good spicy flavor to the whole thing.

Harbour Kitchen [San Gabriel Valley]
1411 S. Garfield Avenue, Alhambra


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