The Basque experience at Glendora Continental is not quite as good as the best Basque in Bakersfield, but it is only half the distance from Los Angeles, says Jerome. It’s a great deal, given the mountains of food for $18 a head, and a great time.

There’s the usual Basque barrage of courses served family style: huge tureens of soup, a blue cheese plate, a prosciutto plate, and a plate of wonderful pickled beef tongue, sliced thin. There’s also a very tasty, and very Continental, bouchée à la reine, basically individual vols-aux-vents stuffed with a creamy mixture of sweetbreads and mushroom. “I don’t even think you can get these in France anymore,” says Jerome.

A lot of it is utterly old school, says Jerome, from the relish tray with Lipton onion dip to the retro baked buns. Some of the stuff, like the soup, isn’t nearly as good as what you can get in Bakersfield. But it’s a fine place nevertheless. “And did I mention $18 a person before tip including the two huge carafes of wine?” says Jerome.

Glendora Continental [Inland Empire]
316 W. Route 66, Glendora

Discuss: Great Deal – Super Retro, basque but not bakersfield level in Glendora – CONTINENTAL.

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