Jerome has been a superfan of sushi master Kawasaki-san for the longest time. He’s followed him through any number of restaurants—from his days at Shibucho to Sushi Go 55. Kawasaki-san has moved again, and is now cutting at Sushi Kiyono.

Jerome’s omakase experience there was glorious. This was far from a cheap all-you-can-eat binge or a “pre-cut trust me omakase. It was real,” he says. There was “killer aji tataki” sashimi—Spanish mackerel at the “peak of freshness.” There was blowtorch-seared fresh albacore sashimi with olive oil. There were needlefish fillets rolled up with thin strips of shiso, “super super buttery” negi-hama rolls, and blowtorch-seared scallop sushi with a bit of sturgeon caviar on top. There was even some stuff Jerome had never heard of. Some of the dishes were traditional and some were straight from Kawasaki-san’s imagination, Jerome reports.

Do not be dissuaded by the regular menu. Sushi Kiyono is in the middle of Beverly Hills, and they have to cater to the Beverly Hils crowd, thus the menu featuring the usual Americanized rolls. But the fish quality is excellent. If you go, ask specifically for Kawasaki-san, let him know that you’re serious about sushi, and you’ll have a good experience, says Jerome.

Sushi Kiyono [Mid-City]
255 South Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills

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