There’s good news, for a change, from the banking sector. Inside an HSBC branch near Bryant Park, Kee’s Chocolates is now peddling its swoon-worthy sweets. Nothing subprime about these assets; they’re backed by years of Chowhound guarantees on behalf of the downtown confectioner’s refined candies, made with care and accented with Asian flavors like green tea, Thai chile, and kaffir lime.

xiqua is pleasantly surprised by the large selection of truffles and macarons at the satellite location. Look for the small cold case next to the tellers, advises SomeRandomIdiot.

Kee’s Chocolates Midtown [Midtown]
452 Fifth Avenue (at 40th Street, inside HSBC), Manhattan

Board Link: Why is there a Kee’s outpost inside the HSBC branch at 452 5th?

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