Shopping locally is nothing new for the old-school pizzerias of the Bronx. The excellent sausage pie at Louie & Ernie’s, a hound haunt in Pelham Bay, has long featured meat from S&D down the street, a classic Italian deli where “pork sausage is king,” says Cheese Boy.

Frank’s Pizzeria goes a bit farther afield for its sausage, to the pork stores of the Bronx’s Little Italy along Arthur Avenue. Sample it in a calzone, Cheese Boy advises: “I ask for mine well done so it comes out golden, hot, and crispy. It’s perfect every time.” Frank’s thin grandma slice—topped with tomato, mozzarella, and pesto—is also worth a try.

A few blocks away, Joe’s bakes a “just about perfect” regular slice and great spinach or broccoli rabe focaccia too, says SeamusO. What makes it so good? “The food is clearly made with the utmost care,” he says.

In fact, Cheese Boy maintains, Pelham Bay and other parts of the eastern Bronx (“where some of us Italians still reside”) remain rich, if rarely discussed, territory for pizza-lovers. Some of his go-to spots are Circle Pizza in Parkchester, especially for its Sicilian; Emilio’s in Morris Park for over-the-top toppings (among others, Philly cheesesteak and chicken every which way: francese, cacciatore, with vodka sauce, or grilled with broccoli rabe); and Captain’s across the street for more conventional fare.

Naturally this wouldn’t be a pizza discussion without a little disputation among the hounds. So what does everybody think about Dominick’s on Allerton, previously celebrated for its kitchen-sink toppings? “VERY good standard slice, one of the best in the Bronx,” swears Cheese Boy; “pretty good ingredients, but nothing very special,” answers Jeffsayyes. And Three Boys from Italy off White Plains Road? “Great,” declares Jeffsayyes; “good perhaps at 2 or 3 am if you’re drunk,” sniffs Cheese Boy. It seems further tasting is in order.

Louie & Ernie’s Pizza [Bronx]
1300 Crosby Avenue (between South Avenue and Harbor Road), Bronx

Frank’s Pizzeria [Bronx]
2823 Middletown Road (at Mulford Avenue), Bronx

Joe’s Pizza [Bronx]
3009 Middletown Road (between Crosby and Hobart avenues), Bronx

Circle Pizza [Bronx]
112 Hugh J. Grant Circle (near Virginia Avenue), Bronx

Emilio’s [Bronx]
1051 Morris Park Avenue (at Hone Avenue), Bronx

Captain’s Pizzeria [Bronx]
1056 Morris Park Avenue (between Hone and Lurting avenues), Bronx

Dominick’s Pizzeria [Bronx]
1015 Allerton Avenue (between Hone and Paulding avenues), Bronx

Three Boys from Italy [Bronx]
704 Burke Avenue (near White Plains Road), Bronx

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