With a gallon of good whole milk, a microwave, and a couple of specialty ingredients, you can make your own fresh mozzarella in half an hour! It’s not difficult, say hounds, and, with a bit of practice, you can get the texture just the way you like it. You’ll also have the option of customizing with additions like fresh basil or sun-dried tomatoes. (Read the recipe along with a step-by-step tutorial.)

In addition to non-ultra-pasteurized milk, you’ll need citric acid and rennet. You can order supplies at Cheesemaking.com, or buy in stores.

Citric acid is often available at stores selling home brewing supplies and sometimes at Middle Eastern markets. You may find rennet tablets sold under the brand name Junket alongside pudding and Jell-O mixes in the supermarket (make sure to buy plain rennet tablets, not the mix). Chowhounds have reported finding liquid rennet sold refrigerated at Whole Foods.

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Citric acid, Rennet, etc… what kind of stores carry these, typically? Also, possible substitutes?

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