madgreek thought he hated tofu—until he tried smoked tofu. “I can’t believe I can enjoy cold tofu right out of the package,” says madgreek. “It’s so dense and satisfying.”

There’s a huge difference between smoked and regular tofu, says almccasland. “My favorite way to have smoked tofu is heated on a skillet or grill, and in a sandwich made of homemade whole-wheat sourdough, roasted red peppers, sliced green onions, bleu cheese dressing, and dijon,” says almccasland. “It’s a great contrast of sharp flavors and temperatures (bread and tofu warm, everything else chilled).”

And if you like smoked tofu, you might want to try baked tofu as well. “It has a completely different consistency from regular tofu, much more dense than even super firm tofu,” says soxchik. She likes Trader Joe’s baked tofus, but you can also make your own.

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