First, major respect to anyone who has shot food spreads on film in the last 50 years. Shooting our Last Kodachrome Christmas was an unexpected challenge. Our photographer, Chris Rochelle, came up with the concept. He bought the film on eBay; it was at least a year old and we didn’t know if it would even work. So we shot in digital as well, just in case. Here are some of our outtakes, notes about what was going on behind the scenes, and a comparison between the digital and Kodachrome versions.

Rustic Tavern

Jeremy LaCroix, our creative director, standing in as a prop holder so we could get perfect placement on the gun. That gun was so heavy.

Amy Wisniewski, CHOW’s associate food editor, gets those oranges into perfect razor-sharp shape.

Kodachrome: We love how Kodachrome exaggerated the texture and color of the bird. The green cast to the wood was totally unexpected.

Digital: The oranges look so washed out compared to the really deep color in the Kodachrome shot. Overall there’s more of a blue cast in this photo, and less richness in the reds.

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