“Beijing lamb skewers [yang rou chuan] are luscious bits of meat grilled over charcoal, and dusted with a mixture of cumin and chili powder,” explains Mr Taster. “The things are addictive and outrageously good when consumed with beer, preferably Tsingtao.”

Feng Mao Mutton Kebab is a Koreatown joint, and a Korean barbecue place, which serves Beijing-style lamb skewers. This means you’re getting to cook your own lamb skewers in a tabletop grill. “And best of all…they use DEEP, RICH, HEAVENLY lump charcoal! This is not the pseudo charcoal experience of Tahoe Galbi. This is the funky, smoke-in-your-clothes Soot Bull Jeep charcoal experience.”

The meat is succulent, with a good meat-to-fat ratio. An order for 10 lamb skewers is $13. Your lamb bits are presented with a basket of shallots and garlic, which you can also skewer and grill.

Incidentally, item number 14, handwritten in pen on the first page of the menu and not translated into English, is goat penis, says Mr Taster. The cost of goat penis is either a low $1.50, or a whole $2, depending on which particular menu you get.

The rest of the menu is a hodgepodge of Korean and northern Chinese. The owner is from Jilin, in northern China, right near the Korean border.

Feng Mao Mutton Kebab [Koreatown]
3901 W. Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles

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