Bludso’s serves fantastic barbecue, says TonyC. “What cue this is!” There’s beef brisket smoked with apple, hickory, and sometimes oak wood, for 13 to 15 hours. Pork and beef ribs are smoked for four hours. “Them pork shoulders used in the pulled pork? Smoked in iron drums, perfect texture with just enough chew, no need for sauce.”

Everything is homemade, except for the bread. “The Bludso clan stuffs their own links during ‘beer nights’,” says TonyC. They stuff beef, pork, and chicken. His favorite: “the poultry links, smoked quickly in the Old Hickory, with barely a hint of sage. It’s almost Asian with its fine grind and spices.”

There are half a dozen barbecue joints in the surrounding Compton/Carson area, says TonyC; none of them come close to Bludso’s.

Adds TonyC: “On Fridays, when you phone in your order with Ms. Cookie, tell her you want try the mustard sauce on the side cuz Tony suggests so. It’s not the best, but it’s funky, and she’ll know to take care of you.”

Bludso’s BBQ [South LA]
811 S. Long Beach Boulevard, Compton

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