Craptails: New Year’s Resolution Edition

Old Milwaukee Thermidor Craptails New Year's Resolutions Edition

Resolution: Spend less money but still live it up

Old Milwaukee Thermidor

How do you bring a luxury experience to a down-market drink? Recycling, my thrifty friend, recycling. Step one: Locate a rich friend who's planning a lobster dinner and/or cajole them into ordering lobster at a restaurant. Once they've picked the carcass relatively clean and discarded it, seize the remaining shell and interior bits for yourself. Simply wash some Old Milwaukee through the carcass and into a tall mug, glass, or improvised drinking vessel and voilà: all the buttery luxury of lobster, and all the affordable drunk-making power of one of America's best-known beverages named after a city in Wisconsin. Garnish with a lobster claw or other shell part for added class.

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