Now that Dungeness crab season is back, where’s the best place to buy them? Prices seemed to shoot up for Thanksgiving, but now they’re “coming down like oil,” as Chowhound CYL commented.

When it comes to cheap shellfish, Chinese markets are always a good bet. In SF Chinatown, Liang’s Food (formerly New Sang Sang Market) had a stunning deal December 2, feisty local Dungeness for $2.79 a pound, says Xiao Yang. Lucky Seafood on 8th Street in Oakland Chinatown had both local and Washington state Dungeness, fat and sweet, at $6.99 a pound before Thanksgiving, and $5-$6 after.

Elsewhere on the Bay, many hounds head to their local 99 Ranch. The new Mountain View branch is now open, although prices are higher than at its Cupertino counterpart, CYL notes: $4.99 a pound versus $2.99 as of December 3. Ranch 99 stores are each independently owned, so these discrepancies are common. Quality varies too, with subpar specimens spotted in Foster City.

Of course, it’s also a good idea to head where the boats are, and for once Fisherman’s Wharf is a houndish choice. Alioto-Lazio recently had fresh and lively crabs for $5.50. It closes early, and should by no means be confused with the adjacent, totally unrelated Alioto’s #9 Resaurant. Alioto-Lazio has free parking only while shopping, right in front of its door.

Up north, G&G Supermarkets have crabs caught from their own boats in Bodega Bay. On November 25, they were $4.99 a pound and sold out fast in Santa Rosa.

Liang’s Food [Chinatown]
1145 Stockton Street, San Francisco

Lucky Seafood Market #1 [East Bay]
1201 E. 12th Street, Oakland

Lucky Seafood Market #2 [East Bay]
378 8th Street, Oakland

99 Ranch [Peninsula]
1350 Grant Road, Mountain View

99 Ranch [South Bay]
10983 N. Wolfe Road, Cupertino

Alioto-Lazio [Fisherman’s Wharf]
440 Jefferson Street, San Francisco

G&G Supermarket [Sonoma]
1211 W. College Avenue, Santa Rosa

G&G Supermarket [Sonoma]
701 Sonoma Mountain Parkway, Petaluma

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