The humble Taste Good Beijing Cuisine in Milpitas is an outpost of excellent Northern Chinese food, says teaforbed. “One thing that Taste Good Beijing does better than anything I’ve had outside of Xi’an, China? Rou jia muo, or meat-stuffed Chinese muffins.”

The flattened shape is more like an English muffin, split and stuffed with stewed pork flavored with plenty of cumin, cilantro, and spicy pepper. One of these babies, at just $2.95, is enough to stuff you for lunch—no wonder these were supposedly the preferred road food of dynastic armies.

You can also buy a bag of frozen dumplings to cook at home. With chewy wrappers and generous filling, they’re “definitely the handiwork of someone who knows how Beijingers make dumplings.” Cash only.

Taste Good Beijing Cuisine [East Bay]
76 S. Abel Street, Milpitas

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