Pork shoulder is a cut with enough fat to keep it juicy and give lots of flavor. Here are some favorite ways hounds use it.

Several recommend the cut for pulled pork, either roasted at low heat or cooked in a slow cooker. malibumike suggests serving it with North or South Carolina–style barbecue sauce and coleslaw on buns. alanbarnes prefers pork shoulder in chile verde.

esstrink likes pernil al horno, Puerto Rican garlic-marinated roast pork shoulder. “Super easy to make. And oh, so sabroso! Just make sure to let it slow roast until the meat is falling off the bone.”

upstate girl uses pork shoulder in pasta sauce, where she says the fat adds excellent flavor. Cut the meat into chunks, brown it in olive oil, and let it finish cooking in your homemade pasta sauce.

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