Beijing-style shredded potato salad is shredded potatoes, quickly par-fried in a hot wok until they’re half-cooked, then tossed with many other ingredients, always including sesame oil, rice wine, vinegar, dried red chile, and horseradish powder. And, of course, some red carrot matchsticks for color, explains ipsedixit. It tastes sort of like soggy salt and vinegar potato chips, but better than what you’re imagining.

After a survey of many such Beijing potato salads in town, ipsedixit crowns Canton Gourmet and Bakery for truly doing the dish justice. The potato comes out crunchy, still al dente, and tossed with a deft hand. “Best in show and class,” says ipsedixit.

Canton Gourmet and Bakery [San Gabriel Valley]
846 E. Garvey Avenue, Monterey Park

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