Chickpea flour, called besan in Hindi, is common in Indian cuisine, but is also used in Mediterranean cooking. Pan-roasting it before using brings out its flavor, says luckyfatima. Simply put it in a pan over a medium flame and stir until the color changes. “You will smell the perfume. Careful not to burn.”

Joebob makes onion bhaji: Mix chickpea flour, water, salt and pepper, and thinly sliced onions, and drop clumps into hot oil to deep-fry. Channa recommends making chickpea flour dosa, as demonstrated in this Manjula’s Kitchen video.

Ora seasons it and uses it to coat fish before frying. BratleFoodie adds roasted chickpea flour to a tomato sauce for flavor and to thicken. greygarious has made tasty crêpes by substituting it for one-third the wheat flour. According to luckyfatima, it works as a binder in fritters, and stirring it into yogurt or cream before cooking will prevent curdling or separation.

Board Link: Experimenting with besan (chickpea flour)

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