Part of the point of cooking a huge turkey is to have leftover meat to use in sandwiches. BeeZee is a traditionalist, and likes cold turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing on sourdough bread. “Last time I had leftover stuffing I even pressed it into a rectangular container for storage so I could cut out blocks for my sandwich!” says BeeZee. Rick is even more of a purist, preferring just “some cold turkey, between hot toast, lettuce, and lots of mayo. Simple, but I love it,” he says.

bitsubeats likes his turkey sandwiches “with a shmear of mashed potatoes on a potato roll … And if you want you can dip it in gravy.” For traditional Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches, greygarious recommends the stuffing bread available by special order during the holidays from Great Harvest Bread Company franchises. “It is a whole wheat loaf with sage, onion, and celery,” says greygarious. “Great plain or toasted.”

ipsedixit likes leftover turkey on Texas toast, “topped with mashed potatoes, gravy, green peas and Tabasco sauce.” And cayjohan makes a breadless sandwich in the form of a curried turkey lettuce wrap. First sauté chopped turkey with onions and curry spice, then add scallions, hot peppers, and fruit (mango, apple, and pineapple all work well here, says cayjohan). To finish, wrap the warm curried turkey salad in a lettuce leaf.

Here are some suggestions from CHOW for what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers as well.

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