Maybe it’s all the Bing Crosby blasting from the Fulton Street Mall that has us in a querulous frame of mind these days, but we love a Chowhound thread that starts with the reply, “Ain’t none.” The question prompting it? Where is NYC’s best Philly Cheese Steak?

Cue smackdown. Those who hail from New York’s so-called Sixth Borough are chiming in loudly, denouncing those who claim Carl’s makes a remotely decent facsimile of the real article. A few New Yorkers timidly commented that Red Hook’s Hope & Anchor makes a good one, but the overall sentiment is that NYC residents should abandon their futile quests and, as one friendly gal from the City of Brotherly Love wrote, “c’mon down to South Philly!”

It’s an impassioned enough thread that it has been going strong for nine years now. The most recent commenter wrote in all caps of his love for a new place in Staten Island that imports meat from Philly daily. Its name? Shaggy’s. Yikes.

Hope & Anchor [Red Hook]
347 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn

Shaggy’s Original Cheesesteak [New Dorp]
2461 Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island

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