I guess Joel Lovell, GQ’s money columnist, was going for a sort of anti–Marie Antoinette thing when he wrote a column about his yuppie guilt over shopping at farmers’ markets in the October issue. He writes:

”… you hang around for a while with the rest of the Greenmarket crowd, listening to bluegrass and trading recipes for fig tarts. And maybe you feel good about yourself … And yet, something feels off. There’s an uncomfortable self-awareness creeping in … that, we’re mostly white and mostly rich.”

He goes on to question the concept that we’re “creating a better world through shopping,” and chastises himself for believing he’s a “better person” for having bought sustainable produce and meat.

HEAVEN FORBID one should support products one believes in. He should probably feed his kids Cheetos, McNuggets, and lots and lots of Coke cuz that’s what poor folk eat. He should make sure to only buy cheap meat that was raised in industrial feedlots, so that he has an equal chance of getting salmonella or E. coli as does the other half.

For God’s sake, man, stand up for what you believe in! Don’t worry that you look like some kind of bluegrass-lovin’ pansy because you’re paying $28 for a humanely-raised steak. Do you worry that recycling makes you look like a yuppie too, or did you get over that?

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