Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria is the place for a khachapuri, which is essentially a Russian pizza—it’s sort of like an oval-shaped, split-open calzone, topped with feta, mozzarella, butter, and your choice of toppings, which are in turn topped by two sunny-side-up eggs. This is Russian comfort food, explains ipsedixit. She had her khachapuri with bacon and ham. “Sounds gross, I know, but it was really good. Sort of reminded me of the egg and guanciale pizza at Mozza,” says ipsedixit.

You can also get it with pastrami. The plain khachapuri “is just as delicious, but without the extra strain to the coronaries, although I must confess to going whole hog once in a while,” says ozzygee.

Big Mama’s and Papa’s khachapuri is, says mangefromage, amazing—the “best comfort/hangover/heart-attack worthy meal EVER.”

A very similar dish can be had at many Armenian restaurants, though it goes by a different name. The ones at Red Top Burger are wonderful, says bagdoodle. The lula kebab is spectacular, too.

Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria [Downtown]
657 S. Flower Street, Los Angeles

Red Top Burger [San Fernando Valley–East]
501 S. Central Avenue, Glendale

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