You gotta love the Estonian food blogger Pille, who works her magic over at Nami-Nami. No, seriously, it’s important that you do: Few bloggers writing from anywhere do such a skillful job of capturing the unique atmosphere of where they’re from.

Here’s her intro to a recent recipe for “kohvikook,” or coffee cake:

“When I first started reading English-language cookbooks I was baffled by coffee cake recipes that had no coffee inside. You see, in Estonia we bake and eat lots of cakes (I’ve baked a cake to go with coffee each day this week), but they’re not called ‘kohvikook’ or ‘coffee cake’. They’re called just cakes, and we enjoy them with coffee. Meanwhile, I’ve been baking a coffee cake — that is, a cake that contains coffee crumbs — for over a decade now.”

The cake includes three heaping tablespoons of ground coffee and four tablespoons of cold coffee or coffee liqueur for the frosting. Estonia represent!

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