Here’s the chain of events:

1. Taco Bell challenges hip-hop maestro 50 Cent to change his name to 79, 89, or 99 Cent in order to better promote the Fauxican restaurant’s value menu.

2. America collectively enjoys the wit and wisdom of the Taco Bell ad campaign.

3. 50 Cent files a $4 million suit against the restaurant for trademark infringement, presumably because Taco Bell had the temerity to use his name in its ads.

TMZ reports on the latest and posts the lawsuit itself: The rapper’s lawyer tells us “Taco Bell needs to be stopped” and that “Mr. Cent intends to vigorously pursue this case.”

The only question innocent bystanders have to answer is for whom to root: the guy who raps “Bitch what the f∗∗∗ you mean I can’t sing bitch /
Bitch I’m Luther Vandross in the shower,” or the restaurant that brought us the Volcano Taco?

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