A show-stopping golden bird, brought to the table bursting with savory stuffing—what better centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner? Amazing 66 in Chinatown does the job with one of its house specials: chicken stuffed with sticky rice.

kobetobiko describes a big bird, bones removed, its ample filling studded with bits of roasted pork, the whole thing deep-fried to crispy goodness. This dish must be ordered at least a day ahead of time, and kobe suggests that an advance order might secure you a table even if your party doesn’t meet the eight-person minimum for reservations.

You won’t need a reservation at Wah Ji, the neighborhood’s newest go-to spot for Taiwanese-style fried pork chops. You won’t fit a party of eight in there, either. This is an unassuming-looking hole in the wall that happens to fry up a huge, meaty, delicious chop, just $4 over rice, didactic katydid reports. The key is the marinade, which imparts a complex blend of flavors with hints of star anise and coriander. katydid’s chop included a band of fat, “but not so much that it eclipsed the meat … they weren’t just the standard Chinatown piece o’ fat.”

Besides pork chops, try spicy popcorn chicken with crispy fried basil. That and a scallion pancake could make a nice $3.50 lunch.

Amazing 66 [Chinatown]
66 Mott Street (between Canal and Bayard streets), Manhattan

Wah Ji [Chinatown]
7 Allen Street (between Canal and Division streets), Manhattan

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