“[W]hat kind of over-privileged priss-ball can’t chop his own friggin’ vegetables?” asks Tim Carman of the Washington City Paper‘s food blog, about shrink-wrapped packages of prediced carrots, celery, and/or onions available at Whole Foods for the home cook on the go.

Expensive and kind of ridiculous, the prepped veggies seem to represent a new low for the lazy moneyed class of home cooks. Carman, however, makes the point that a $250-an-hour lawyer, for example, might value his or her time sufficiently to justify this sort of a shortcut. It might also be worth adding: Sure, the stuff’s prediced and wrapped, but at least it’s a precursor to actual cooking. By one highly overthought reckoning (see below), prediced Whole Foods carrots actually fall in the middle of the pack on the How Lazy Are My Carrots? spectrum of carrot preparation, shown here in order of least to most lazy:

* Cultivate and domesticate wild carrots; grow carrots in the garden; harvest, clean, peel, cook.
* Buy seeds; grow carrots in the garden; harvest, clean, peel, cook.
* Buy carrots; clean, peel, cook.
* Go to Whole Foods; buy preprepped carrots; cook.
* Go to restaurant; order dish with carrots.
* Have someone feed you cooked carrots so that you don’t have to go through the work of lifting the fork.
* Feeding tube conveying constant stream of mashed carrots.

Image source: CHOW.com

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