When I worked at a large coffee chain with a mermaid logo, I used to lose sleep worrying that I had caused someone else to lose sleep by inadvertently dosing them with a caffeinated beverage when they had requested decaf. There’s nothing worse than being in the grips of caffeine psychosis when you thought you’d ordered your venti peppermint mocha in the decaf version.

And according to an article in the Sacramento Bee, the decaffeination process doesn’t necessarily eliminate all the caffeine in your cuppa joe. But now the caffeine sensitive don’t have to play Russian roulette with their local barista. A quick dip in your cup with Caffeine Test Strips will tell you whether your beverage has excessive caffeine or not.

At $9.95 for 20 strips, you’re looking at spending an extra 50 cents to test each cup of coffee you purchase, but at least you’ll know if it’s caffeinated before you’re stuck staring into the void at 3 a.m. wondering why sleep is such an elusive mistress.

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