Puripan Tea Garden is a tea shop and tea bar specializing in Korean teas, from green tea to noncaffeinated teas of toasted corn or leaves of barley. Puripan also has teas whose base comes out of a jar rather than a tin. There’s the popular citron (yuzu or yuja) as well as some more unusual choices that probably aren’t traditional: aloe vera, papaya, and persimmon. A few spoonfuls of the marmalade-like base is mixed with hot water for a tea that’s light, sweet and refreshing, says hhc.

The Japanese tea shop chain Lupicia has some nice holiday flavors out, including Champagne Rose (try it cold) and Pommier, which tastes of maple and apple. Its most popular teas, according to an associate, include Momo Oolong Super Grade, a green tea flavored with fresh Japanese white peaches; the tropical fruit–infused Paradise Green; and Sakuranbo, a black tea with Japanese cherries that give a sour-sweet aroma.

Lupicia’s Japanese Fuji apple green tea is good too, adds K K, as well as the Sobacha (green tea with buckwheat seeds) and Genmaicha (roasted brown rice tea). You should probably look elsewhere for Chinese or Taiwanese tea, but the jasmine green tea is pretty nice.

Puripan Tea Garden [South Bay]
377 Santana Row, San Jose

Lupicia [South Bay]
2855 Stevens Creek Boulevard #B539, Santa Clara

Lupicia [SoMa]
865 Market Street #255, San Francisco

Lupicia [Stonestown]
3251 20th Avenue #149, San Francisco

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