Sarah Palin indulged in a classic “pardon the turkey” photo op recently in her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska.

Unfortunately for her, in a potent metaphor for the fortunes of the party for which she filled out the ticket this year, during the interview, a worker at the poultry plant slaughtered turkeys destined for Thanksgiving tables. So while Palin nattered on about the challenges of governing and the draining nature of politics, big dumb birds were being stuffed into killing machines.

For her part, Palin didn’t try to micromanage by suggesting that perhaps the interview take place farther away from the killing floor. Instead, she took the situation in stride, noting that since she was the one cooking the turkey that year, she was “where [she] need[s] to be today to prepare for that.” So while she appears to be in touch with where her food comes from, she’s way out of touch with good PR tactics.

Here’s the video, but be warned, it’s a bit gruesome.

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