Hounds are bursting with ideas for what to do with Brussels sprouts for Thanksgiving. girlwonder88 braises sprouts in heavy cream: “Simmer your sprouts in cream until they are tender all the way through. Add a little nutmeg. Eat. Die of ecstasy.”

scubadoo97 shreds them and sautées with butter and shallots. gailr42 sautées the shreds in bacon fat, then tops with crumbled bacon and chopped hazelnuts.

CocoaNut roasts them with olive oil, salt, and pepper until they’re crisp outside and tender inside, 35 to 40 minutes at 400°F. “These will come out almost blackened. That’s OK! They’re NOT burned. Eat and enjoy!” maisonbistro tosses them with olive oil, honey, and soy sauce, and roasts. These get nice and caramelized.

And rezpeni is willing to share a secret: Heat olive oil in a pan to near smoking, and add the sprouts, and leave them alone. Turn them once and when they are browned, add aromatics like garlic, pancetta, or shallots. Then a little stock until they are cooked through: “They will be caramelized nicely on the outside and cooked perfectly through on the inside. If you do it right you might end up with a lovely syrup at the bottom of the pan you can add a little butter to off the heat and spoon over the sprouts.”

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