Using up Thanksgiving leftovers is a high point of the holiday for some hounds, and they certainly do it creatively. Several make turkey “hash” with stuffing, chopped turkey, and gravy. Will Owen loves it for breakfast the next day, piled into a baking dish with eggs broken into depressions made with a spoon and baked until the eggs are set to your taste. Serve with griddled mashed potato cakes, more hot gravy on the side, and cranberry sauce.

SSqwerty loves to add leftover turkey to a Waldorf salad made with dried cranberries. MsMaryMc says these turkey enchiladas are great made with a roasted bird, but even better with smoked turkey. Turkey chowder with wild rice, cremini, and pancetta is very easy and very elegant, according to don515.

Pampatz’s husband makes fried potato balls from leftover mashed potatoes: Form thick, well-chilled mashed potatoes into balls about three inches in diameter. Push a cube of cream cheese coated with cayenne into the center of each and cover the hole. Roll each ball in beaten egg and milk, then in a mixture of seasoned flour and breadcrumbs and fry in about one inch of oil. Serve hot.

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