Some restaurants know their place. Hole in the Wall Burger Joint puts it right in the name. The place is hidden behind a Winchell’s Donuts, and it makes a really good burger. The burger involves “tasty meat, and a delish pretzel roll,” explains debra. a_and_w is “really impressed” by Hole in the Wall: The turkey burger “was cooked to order and incredibly juicy. I actually winced because the juice was so hot from the burger being fresh off the grill.” The burger is $10, and worth it.

Nearby, and also hidden, is Attari Sandwich Shop, which serves a great tongue sandwich—tender tongue, on fresh, crusty bread, says debra. But it’s hidden, too—the address says it’s on Westwood Boulevard, but it’s actually just east of Westwood, on Wilkins, explains Servorg.

Hole in the Wall Burger Joint [Westside–Inland]
11058 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles

Attari Sandwich Shop [Westside–Inland]
1388 Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles

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