Between rising food prices and the tanking economy, it’s hard enough to get yourself fed. Imagine if instead of 2,000 calories a day, you were eating more than 10,000—and not because you’re this guy.

People with binge eating disorders can eat up to 20,000 calories in a single sitting, and, according to ABC News, these bingers are starting to feel the pinch in our troubled economy. According to clinical psychologist Cynthia Bulik, rising food costs are taking a financial toll on people with these conditions. The amount of money they’re spending on food that could be spent on other things can make binge eaters guilty, a feeling they often deal with by binging even more.

To make matters worse, as the economy tightens, more and more families are making the choice to buy in bulk at warehouse stores like Costco. And of course, having massive quantities of food around makes it that much more convenient to binge.

If cheap calories are getting less cheap, maybe the financial crisis will have a silver lining in that binge eaters may be inspired to seek help so they can afford to both feed themselves and keep a roof over their heads.

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