The Serving Spoon is a pretty sweet place to get your breakfast on, says Jase. It’s a friendly place, with attentive servers, quick service, and huge platters of soul food breakfast. It’s one of the two best breakfasts in Los Angeles, agrees echoparkdirt. “The service is wonderful, the old-school tunes are playing on the radio, the waffle and wings were perfect, just an amazing find.”

Jase’s wife “grew up in the south and she gave the grits a happy thumbs up. At least that’s all I got out of her as she scarfed down the whole bowl before she dug into anything else.” They’re the best grits in town, agrees Faulkner99. The pancakes seem strangely firm, but they soften up just right when doused with syrup.

The high note for breakfast is their house-made beef sausage—thick, well-seasoned patties, pan-fried to a nice crust, “but still juicy inside,” says Jase. “These were so good that I can envision myself making a breakfast sandwich with one of the patties and the biscuits.”

Their fried chicken wings are a little odd. They’re tiny, tiny wings, with a thick, bready coating. The seasoning is excellent, and the wings are well-fried and juicy. But the balance is way skewed toward the crust, and it may disappoint some folks.

The Serving Spoon [South LA]
1403 Centinela Avenue, Inglewood

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