“I really enjoy the khao man gai [Thai chicken and rice] from Thai Thai Noodle,” says chocomel. “The rice and chicken are very flavorful and come with a generous amount of dark garlicky gingery sauce.” It’s heavier than the Singapore-style Hainanese chicken and rice, more garlicky and spicy, and Thai Thai doesn’t do a light ginger sauce like the Singaporeans do. But it’s a very tasty variation. For less than $10, you get a very generous serving.

abstractpoet likes Chai Thai Noodles’ khao man gai, made with strips of boneless chicken breast. “Love the garlicky rice and the addictive vinegary dipping sauce.”

Thai Thai Noodles [Nob Hill]
1400 California Street, San Francisco

Chai Thai Noodles [East Bay]
545 B International Boulevard, Oakland

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