rworange loves edible flowers like lavender, marigolds, nasturtiums, roses, pansies, violets, and squash blossoms for the taste—not just the pretty color. “I particularly love nasturtiums, which have a wonderful ‘horseradishy’ zip to them,” says SmartCookie. “They are particularly good with a smoked salmon/cream cheese filling.” JMF thinks red clover tempura is tasty, and Passadumkeg loves red clover and/or rose petal wine. “My favorite way to cook Brussels sprouts is with lavender,” says Caroline1, who also says, “I used to use a lot of candied violets when I lived in California, but had difficulty finding them when I moved to Texas. They add a lovely touch of elegance to a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and they’re fabulous sprinkled over a delicate white cake mounded with pale pink boiled icing served at tea!”

“When I was a child, I used to suck the sweet nectar from nasturtiums growing in our backyard; now I am fond of their peppery flavor in green salads,” says Caitlin McGrath. “My mother used to grow nasturtiums specifically to serve the leaves in thin bread-and-butter sandwiches for tea (we were living in a country where afternoon tea was a daily meal),” says Querencia. “The leaves are peppery and make a nice contrast with the bland bread and butter.”

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