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"Yesterday I put on a pot of chicken-rice soup to heat for lunch, and while it was heating I jumped onto a certain site which shall remain nameless. Well, I boiled the broth clean out of it, although it didn't burn, so I let it cool and set it aside in the fridge. This morning I shredded some cabbage and tossed it into the rice, and beat an egg and a tsp. of soy sauce into it, and fried it into a big crispy patty. This is really, really good! I may have to do this again on purpose!" – mamachef

"I adore caviar, even pressed caviar. But really fresh sevruga, with its tiny salty delicately popping wee pearls....oh, man. I wish that I had a can of it in front of me right now. No eggs or toast or any of that nonsense, just a spoon." – SherBel

"About 10 years ago, I decided to make the green bean casserole from scratch for a couple of dozen family and friends....a very large batch...probably at least 7-8 pounds of fresh green beans that needed to be French cut, 3-4 pounds of fresh sliced crimini mushrooms and a gallon [of] Béchamel sauce....and of course 4 pounds of fresh made deep fried onions. Everyone said they liked it....but without any emotion or smiles......unlike the last 9-10 years when I returned to the old recipe of frozen french cut green beans, Campbell's cream of mushroom soup and French's/Durkee fried onions." – fourunder

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