Is it ever too early to turn your kid into a gourmand? A restaurant in Newport Beach bets no. Pomme Bébé is a tasting bar geared towards babies. Every puréed entrée is based on a recipe developed by chef Laurent Brazier, head of Laguna Culinary Arts. Plop your darling down in one of the high chair-slash-bar stools, and choose from a seasonal menu that currently features butternut squash purée, pear-kiwi-apricot purée, chicken pot pie blend (purée), and spinach-sweet potato purée.

Tasting is free, but a 4-ounce container of purée goes for between $3.25 and $4.50.

Learning to be discerning? Priceless. That is, until your child turns two and you have to hide the spinach in the brownies.

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