We’ve written before on what to order at Asian bakeries, but if you just stick to pineapple buns and moon cakes, you may be missing out on more esoteric, yet utterly delicious, treats.

Sesame balls are, of course, a classic on dim sum menus, but it’s rare that you get a good one. nsenada had “amazing” balls at Winsor Dim Sum Cafe, while other hounds recommend the sesame balls at China Pearl Restaurant, right across the street.

While you’re at Winsor, barleywino suggests an order of the steamed buns filled with egg custard, available only on weekends. A few blocks over in Chinatown, Eldo Cake House has terrific sweet rice dumplings. And as the final stop in your Chinatown dessert crawl, Kenji recommends the lotus root pie at Hing Shing Pastry: “It is usually visible in the window. It goes beautifully with strong coffee (which I usually get at one of the Vietnamese places).”

Winsor Dim Sum Cafe [Chinatown]
10 Tyler Street, Boston

China Pearl Restaurant [Chinatown]
9 Tyler Street, Boston

Eldo Cake House [Chinatown]
36 Harrison Avenue, Boston

Hing Shing Pastry [Chinatown]
67 Beach Street, Boston

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