Apparently figuring that Barack Obama might be at home hitting refresh repeatedly on Grist, the magazine’s editors asked dozens of environmental luminaries to pretend they were trapped in an elevator with the president-elect.

What would they say if they had an uninterrupted moment?

The list goes long on food and agriculture issues, with the regulars weighing in: Anna Lappé calls for a Food Corps, Ann Cooper (recent subject of CHOW’s school lunch Obsessive video) for increasing funding for the National School Lunch program, Michael Pollan for a food policy czar. But there’s also a lot from lesser-known folks: Zoe Bradbury on the need for more young farmers, the Ethicurean’s Bonnie Azab Powell on restructuring the USDA and appointing a head who’s not from Big Ag, Raj Patel on the global injustice of American food policy. And since Obama, somewhat amazingly, appears to have read Pollan’s open letter to him, offering the next president public advice seems, well, not completely pointless. We’ll see if he shows up in the comments section.

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