Mariscos Puerto Esperanza is probably the only restaurant of its type in Los Angeles—a high-end, genuinely Mexican, cutting-edge restaurant, says georgempavlov. They are specialists in grilled seafood.

georgempavlov sat down and was immediately presented with a “smoked salmon/cucumber salad thing (kind of an amuse bouche) which was beautiful—like something you’d expect to see at a Japanese fusion/sushi place—and delicious. Obviously house-cured salmon, garnished with incredible, fresh chiles.”

The shrimp quesadilla is a deconstructed, open-faced chile relleno, filled with scallops, oysters, and shrimp. It’s fresh, delicious, and reminiscent of the sort of stuff you get at the haute cuisine joints in Baja, says georgempavlov.

Whole striped bass, grilled “a la plancha,” was “sensational—perfect food,” says georgempavlov. “The skin was crispy, the flesh tender and flavorful, and it was served only with a simple guajillo sauce.” Grilled lobster is similarly terrific. “After our main course was served, the chef, Santiago, came out, and offered to take the lobster heads and make us a soup! Five minutes later, delicious, saffronny lobster bisque.”

They serve regional Mexican seafood from various parts of the Mexican Pacific Coast, Veracruz, and Yucatán, explains streetgourmetla. “This is an alta cocina restaurant showcasing classics.” It is, to his mind, quite unique in Los Angeles.

Mariscos Puerto Esperanza [Orange County]
1724 North Tustin Street, Orange

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