Wonton Forest is a strange and magical place. It’s a top-notch Chinese noodle soup joint, with distinct Japanese influences. The owner studied and spent time in Japan, explains Keizo. “Service is outstanding, food quality is exceptional, and overall it’s extremely worth stopping by.”

Wonton Forest noodle soup, the signature dish, is “remarkably refreshing,” says Keizo. “The lightness combined with near perfect flavor, really portrayed a classic wonton soup. I was impressed!” And the freshly made wontons are amazing—“half pork, half shrimp, and 100% bliss,” says Keizo.

Chiu chow noodle soup is even more refreshing; it’s Keizo’s favorite here. It’s full of minced pork, shredded chicken, fresh shrimp, fish balls, and those perfect wontons, and topped with roasted garlic, cilantro, and green onions.

Chef Paul, the master of Wonton Forest, is very flexible. He’ll modify any of the soups according to your needs. He’s particularly proud of his homemade chili sauce, the result of an intricate three-day process. “Chef Paul swears by his homemade chili sauce and I absolutely have to agree,” says Keizo. “A simple dab into any soup can transform mediocre to magnificent.” You can take home your own bottle of the stuff for $3.

Wonton Forest [San Gabriel Valley]
18230 Gale Avenue, City of Industry

Board Link: Don’t worry, I like being lost in the Wonton Forest.

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