Stephen Colbert has found a metaphor for the state of America’s pop culture in the wonderfully absurd advertising campaign for Kraft Crumbles.

Kraft’s television commercial for the processed cheese bits re-work EMF’s 1991 hit “Unbelievable” into the slogan “crumbelievable.” The cheesy ad–part of a trend in marketing towards targeting Gen Xers with revamped 80s and 90s pop songs –has been derided by ad critics and called the “worst, worst-worst-worst commercial sellout” by one blogger.

But, mock pundit Colbert has upped the absurdity factor one step further by seizing upon the ad as a rallying cry on The Colbert Report:

“Folks, that’s not just a commercial for cheese that hits the spot when shredded cheese is just too shredded and a block of cheese is just too blocky, it’s also perfect metaphor for the state of our popular culture —crumbled into little pieces.”

Thanks to YouTube, the original “America’s Pop Culture: It’s Crumbelievable” segment is available for your viewing pleasure, as is a second report hilariously decrying the negative impact of cable TV on American families.

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