How does tonkotsu ramen stack up these days? mrhooks lays it out for us. A new place in Cerritos, Shisen Ramen, has a solid offering. The soup is milky and opaque, a little thin, but with excellent flavor, says mrhooks. Chashu—the thick hunks of pork in the soup—is excellent. The noodles are properly thin and good, but not fantastic—probably the weak point of the dish.

mrhooks’ pick for the best tonkotsu ramen in SoCal? It’s still Ramen Yamadaya, the finest version SoCal has yet seen, says mrhooks.

Shisen Ramen [South Bay]
11410 South Street, Cerritos

Ramen Yamadaya [South Bay]
3118 W. 182nd Street, Torrance

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