Want a smashing skewer of sweetbreads? Go to Hummus Bar and Grill. They’re grilled perfectly, says Jase, “crisp on the outside, soft tender fluffy on the inside.” You get four to five big pieces of sweetbread on each skewer, with barely a gristly bit in sight.

In case you don’t know, sweetbreads aren’t actually made of bread. Sweetbreads are thymus gland and pancreas. You’re ordering a big stick of charred, juicy thymus gland. Done right, sweetbreads are the most delicate of organ meats.

Romanian kebab skewers are also great—juicy, well-grilled, and well-balanced in the spice department. They’ve also got foie gras skewers, great flatbread, and smooth, creamy hummus.

“I love how when I dine at the bar they keep giving me ridiculous tasty freebies, even though I already have two thousand calories of food in front of me,” says sushigirlie.

Hummus Bar and Grill [San Fernando Valley – West]
18743 Ventura Boulevard, Tarzana

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