Overheard on the Los Angeles Board

"I know what you're thinking. Dim sum near the Beverly Center. Targeted clientele is not Asian diners. Westside prices ... Bao does have some positive characteristics. The dim sum chefs are from San Gabriel Valley restaurants (or as the hostess said, 'San Ga-bri-elle'), though it wasn't specified what their duties were at said restaurants." – Chandavkl on Bao

"A fairly traditional menu, with excellent lasagne which I believe is offered as a special, braised meats, and always a selection of fresh fish items." – terim1 on Far Niente Ristorante

"Also had the gooey sweet potato fries and the Greek fries (no, not just for me and not just for one night—we'll be enjoying these for leftovers). Anyway, both were also excellent, but I don't know if I could order the sweeties again, because of the guilt factor." – mikester on Peter's Gourmade Grill

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