Who created the legendary Québecois dish poutine? If you’re asking “Who cares?” you’ve clearly never sampled a well-prepared helping of hot fries covered in cheese curds and gravy. The Toronto Star sets off on a road trip to discover the origin of poutine. On the way, the writer samples a $10 poutine tasting trio, the contents of which must be repeated in order to entice further reading: “One is your basic and perfect rendition. Piping hot, crispy home-made fries on which magnificent local white cheese curds melted, all soaked with a light but flavorful gravy.”

Next the writer sampled “a veggie version, featuring the three key ingredients, plus chunks of tender-crisp green peppers, onion and tomato,” and finally “a superb Oktoberfest poutine, with slices of grilled sausage added to the mandatory three-ingredient mix.”

Gotta love a dish that makes a fast-food dining lifestyle seem sane and healthy by comparison.

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