Holidays mean holiday parties. Holiday parties mean hangovers. Hangovers mean chilaquiles (chee-lah-KEE-lehs): corn tortilla strips sautéed until soft and cooked with a combination of queso fresco, chiles, chorizo, chicken, beef, pork, eggs, salsa, or other hangover-slayers. Sometimes the dish is even popped in the oven, like a sort of nacho lasagne. (Apologies to Mexicans and Italians alike.)

At El Paso Taqueria on 104th and Lex, chilaquiles might arrive at the table bubbling in an emerald salsa verde. At Tulcingo del Valle in Hell’s Kitchen—kiworan79 calls their chilaquiles “phenomenal”—you might persuade an employee to douse them in their famous pumpkin seed (pipian) sauce. The Voice‘s Robert Sietsema recently succumbed to chilaquilean charms on Staten Island. At Taqueria Puebla, he says, one can choose between meat and egg versions, and snag a goat eye taco for the road!

Eight years ago, Chowhound Will Grey howled into the seemingly chilaquiles-free wilderness of Manhattan after moving there from San Antonio. Then, hounds had few leads. Now, we’re proud to witness the dish cropping up again all over the boards, but help a fella out (even if he’s moved back to Texas by now): Where are your favorite chilaquiles?

El Paso Taqueria [West Harlem]
1642 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan

Tulcingo del Valle [Hell’s Kitchen]
665 10th Avenue, Manhattan

Taqueria Puebla [Port Richmond]
1285 Castleton Avenue, Staten Island

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