Cranberry sauces made with wine are popular with Chowhounds. Val is devoted to cabernet cranberries. Nyleve says you needn’t use cabernet—any red wine works well. DaisyM says cranberry sauce with cherries, Marsala, and rosemary is “AMAZING. I couldn’t stop eating it.” SSqwerty loves spiced cranberry sauce with zinfandel, but cuts the sugar to a cup; she says it can be made and frozen up to a month ahead.

Kate is always hungry uses the recipe on the cranberry bag but add chunks of a tart green apple, a cinnamon stick, a few whole cloves, and the zest of one orange. Claudette throws clean, raw cranberries, orange or tangerine, a few slices of candied ginger, and sugar to taste into a food processor and purées it until chunky-smooth. She says it’s very simple and refreshing, especially if you don’t add too much sugar. valerie made triple cranberry sauce last year, and says it’s “so good that I have been thinking about it all year.”

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