There are lots of delicious ways to use up green tomatoes beyond frying them. melly thinks they’re good raw on sandwiches, where they give a nice, crunchy texture. alanbarnes makes green tomato pilaf with a little bacon, onion, and garlic. cimui simply sautées them with onion, garlic, salt, and pepper, and says leftovers are good in quiche. alliedawn_98 says Emeril Lagasse’s hot ’n’ spicy green tomato soup with crispy pancetta is delicious.

paprkutr likes pickling green onions as you would good kosher dills, with lots of garlic. pondrat pickles them with vinegar, kosher salt, garlic, fresh dill, and dill seeds, and adds a variety of fresh chiles to the canning jars.

Green tomatoes might seem an unlikely ingredient for desserts, but Hanky calls this green tomato cake with brown butter icing delicious and easy, and alanbarnes suggests green tomato and apple pie.

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