The most important piece of advice for making homemade limoncello, says Delucacheesemonger, is to use food-grade grain alcohol instead of vodka to infuse your lemons. “The additional alcohol, or perhaps lack of water, leaches more oil from the zest. Difference is dramatic,” says Delucacheesemonger. Zest your lemons and use only the yellow part for limoncello infusion, says kosmonut. Infuse the zests in grain alcohol for around three weeks. You’ll know it’s ready “when the zests appear to be almost crunchy,” says kosmonut. Then combine your infused alcohol with an equal volume of clear simple syrup.

If you’re stuck using vodka, the limoncello must steep much longer. “I let it sit for about 2 months,” says chowpiggy. “I like to check the color of the lemon peels; when they are creamy colored and the vodka is pale yellow and smells like lemon, you’re good to go.”

And don’t be afraid to experiment. “One time, guys, make it with Meyer lemons, makes it far more perfume-y, thus taste is similar but nose is WOW,” says Delucacheesemonger. kosmonut suggests grapefruit and oranges. Go nuts.

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